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Syl's Mullet   1989

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Syl & Lise

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Syl & Lise

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About Us

Hi there we're Syl and Lise, the pair behind One Piece Ski Suit Rentals, Calgary's vintage ski closet. I'm Sylvia, and skiing has been my passion since I was a kid. I spent weekends with my ski team tearing down the slopes on straight skis like a neon bullet! Those days on the mountain ignited my love spring skiing in fun suits, ripping around with friends, fanny pack fireball on the chair lift and tree ski adventures. 

Lise, my amazingly skilled wife, is the sewing wizard behind our operation. Lise works her magic to keep our suits in one piece! Without her, we'd be lost in a sea of busted seams, threads and zippers!

Our Collection

 We've curated over 230 vintage one piece ski suits and 150 jackets that will transport you straight back to the '80s and '90s. From neon greens that will make your eyes pop, to hot pinks that defy the winter chill, our suits make you famous wherever you go. We've been collecting for over a decade and have imported most of our collection from eastern Europe through online thrifting. 

Who's Our Clientele?

We're here to keep the good times rolling and our customers know how to have fun. They come to us for ski stagettes, bachelor bashes, big birthday celebrations, and team-building corporate events that are anything but ordinary.

It's you and your squad screaming neon down the slopes and crashing into the après-ski scene with all out 80's flair. 

What to Expect

Once you enter our time machine, old Warren Miller videos play on the TV while you try on suits you recognize from your parents old photo albums. Wear comfy layers because you'll likely try on a dozen ski suits before you find the perfect fit. 

Feel free to bring your kids, we have three of them.

See you on the slopes!

Syl and Lise


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Nancy Greene Ski Team 1989

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